Katt Williams ♥
" Bitch that is a ford focus.. how many muthaf*ckas is in there?! " 

" Maybe your a bad mother.. did you ever think of that you retarted muthaf*cka? That is a toddler.. your baby´s supposed to like skittles you ignorant bitch! "  

" Day after day, after day with the same muthaf*cka .. everytime you wake up! just SHIT!! YOU AGAIN! Why dont you just go on a vacation or some shit!? "

  " Aspirin is perfectly legal, but if you take thirteen of them muthafuckas , it´ll be you last headache. "


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MrsAgatha kirjoitti...

Mainioita! =D

Ouss kirjoitti...

HILARIOUS! Piti oikiasti välillä pistää stopille nuo pätkät ku oli niin kipee maha nauramisesta :DDDDD